T-1 Line

T1 Line

What is a T1? The best T1 Line Connection is primarily a High Speed Internet Access circuit delivered via the Telephone Company. It is usually a copper line bundle or fiber optics. The T1 circuits can consistently transfer a rate of 1.544 (Mbps) megabits per second. Other uses for the best T1 Line Connection include VOIP, 24 digital voice channels providing multiple phone lines. Some T1 circuits permit the transfer of both data and voice, conveniently allowing customers to to utilize internet services while making phone calls simultaneously. In this case, Best T1 Line connection will offer a circuit split into various channels inside the circuit itself, some reserved for voice calls, and the rest reserved for Internet usage. Each line in the circuit translates to one phone line or 64K of Internet service.

Types of Use. A T1 is mainly reserved for enterprises. Due to a heavy increase of work telecommuting, there has been a surge in T1 home users. The best T1 Line Connection can be very popular with telecommuting users or offices that are too far from a DSL qualified telephone company central office. The best T1 Line connection can be mileage sensitive, and the cost varies with distance. However, unlike DSL, the technology is not limited by any particular distance. Best T1 Line connection will qualify your location and let you know which ISP can offer the closest distance from your local Central Office, thereby reducing the high cost of Local Loop fees.

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T1 Line

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